Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Dane County Drainage Board Meeting
4:30 PM
Bristol Town Hall Scheduled




Drainage Districts 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28 and 29


The Dane County Drainage District Board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss items listed below.

Date:            May 7, 2018

Time:           4:30 p.m.

Location:     Bristol Town Hall

7747 County Road N

Sun Prairie, WI 53590


You have the right to inspect project documents related to any agenda item before the public hearing.  The project documents are available upon request.


If you have any questions prior to the meeting please contact one of the following board members:  Scott Ringelstetter at (608) 347-4159 or, Paul Maly at (608) 695-1623 or, or Leonard Massie at (608) 512-7372 or OR Attorney John C. Mitby at 608-575-4077 or


All objections to the jurisdiction of the Drainage Board or to content, sufficiency or legality of issues must be submitted in writing to the Drainage Board prior to the hearing; such objections shall be set forth clearly and in detail.



1.            Call to order.

2.            Review/approve minutes of February 22, 2018 meeting.

3.            District 4:

a.            Meeting on District 4 per Anne Tremaine request as to work being done;

b.            Pipe under road crossing:  issues on permit needs and costs;

c.             Status of approval of payment of $8,257.61 for work done on ditch by Kartechner Brothers on 2/28/18.

4.            District 7:  

a.      Status on replacement of a bridge on the Zeigler field road with a culvert replacement (approximately $15,000);

b.      Current assessment for cost is $25,000 – use of funds;

c.       Permits needed and floodplain analysis by engineer;

d.     Rip rap issues and piping issues;

e.      Recurring problem at Mueller Road on the Renk property.

5.            District 8:

a.            Decision on Petition for hearing to remove Stang parcel and waive assessment;

b.            Clean out and work requirements, location and amount;

c.             Relationship of work to District 9;

d.           Need to determine what needs to be done, bid out of the work and determine if any permits required;

e.            Review G1S information from engineers;

f.              Estimated cost of work to be done is $80,000.

6.            District 10:  assessments in Green County—status of locating parcels to be assessed.

7.            District 11:  review the need for any clean out or maintenance work.

8.            District 16: 

a.            Discuss possible need for a district tile lateral to be constructed across Hammond Road to provide needed outlet to a district lateral ditch;

b.            Status of petition to add certain mains to the district - several photos of what is going on there;

c.             Determine what needs to be done and the costs;

d.           Landowner wishes to discuss need for help getting permission from adjoining neighbor to fix wet tile;

e.            Discuss plan for Mr. Linde to see if he could clean the ditch all the way to the interstate culverts;

f.              Status of Santapakka property-- contracted with US Fish and Wildlife Service to create wildlife habitat on their property.

9.            District 21:  status of three more beaver dams in #21.

10.        District 22:

a.            Proposed cleanout project of district main drain along Hickory lane to I 39-90-94 - Drainage Board needs the names of landowners;

b.            Corridor issue per County request as to work done (Jason Tuggle);

c.             Status of work, balance on hand and payment of bills.

11.        District 25:

a.            Payment by DeForest;

b.            Work to be done and any need for bidding out work;

c.             Downed trees in Lateral 3 have greatly reduced the drainage from the Treinen and Evans properties.

12.        District 27: 

a.            Clean out is going to be done and paid for by Kersten Farms, LLC on property they are buying.  Darren Kersten will give notice of work going to be done in 2018;

b.            Does the Board need to approve the widening of the corridor beyond 20’ to get work done.

13.        District No. 28:

a.            Kersten’s cleaning out of ditch running through their land – are any permits needed?

b.            Recent revisions to the drainage law regarding need for permits;

c.             Balance still owed to 3 farmers for work done ($1,395.53/ea.);

d.           Discussion on landowners doing their own work and determine credit of assessment amount;

e.            Discussion of other landowners not maintaining their drains and having work done for them;

f.              Contract issues for owners that do their own work;

g.            Status of the District Main need for any work:

1.            Goes through the western Kroneman property with private drains on the eastern Kroneman property;

2.            Ditch is lined with trees and brush - clearing out may be sufficient to get good flow;

3.            Is the land tile drained?  Flooded outlets could be a major problem;

4.            If need to clean the ditch, DNR to tell us if the ditch has a stream history (status?);

5.            Does the corridor have to be expanded from 20’ to do the work?

14.        District 29:

a.            How to handle Vienna assessments in the future.  Is the cost sharing agreement still in place?

b.            Approval of District work and what needs to be bid out;

c.             Landowners doing their own work and credit for same.

15.        Status of any permits and which districts

16.        Requirement for emergency work in various districts in 2018

17.        Which districts need corridor expansions?  If needed, to what extent beyond 20’ and for what purpose

18.        Public input

19.        Tentative Date for next meeting

20.        Adjourn


Scott Ringelstetter, Chair

Leonard Massie, Secretary

Paul Maly, Board Member