Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Rural Preservation Commission
7:00 PM
Town Hall - 654 County Road N


Dunkirk Rural Preservation Commission

October 25, 2022

Dunkirk Town Hall

7:00 PM





1.      Call to order


2.      Town Board, Plan Commission and Rural Preservation Commission updates


3.      Introduction of Angela West Blank, Executive Director, Groundswell Conservancy


4.      Consider 9/13/2022 minutes


5.      Consider draft letter to landowners with ≥ 35 acres about interest in the program


6.      Consider draft article for the town newsletter


7.      Finish evaluation of commission’s work process


8.      Update on pending easements


9.      Discuss next meeting date


10.  Discuss next program steps


11.  Adjourn


Text Box: A quorum of the Town Board may be in attendance.