Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Dane County Drainage Board Meeting
6:30 PM
Bristol Town Hall Scheduled




Drainage Districts 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28 and 29


The Dane County Drainage District Board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss items listed below.

Date/Time:      June 25, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Location:          Bristol Town Hall, 7747 County Road N, Sun Prairie, WI


You have the right to inspect project documents related to any agenda item before the public hearing.  The project documents are available upon request.


If you have any questions prior to the meeting please contact one of the following board members:  Scott Ringelstetter at (608) 347-4159 or, Paul Maly at (608) 695-1623 or, or Leonard Massie at (608) 512-7372 or OR Attorney John C. Mitby at 608-575-4077 or


All objections to the jurisdiction of the Drainage Board or to content, sufficiency or legality of issues must be submitted in writing to the Drainage Board prior to the hearing; such objections shall be set forth clearly and in detail.



1.            Call to order.

2.            Review/approve minutes of May 7, 2018 meeting.

3.            Assessments:

a.            DOT parcels – state exempt.  Discuss whether they should be paid by Treasurer or removed from assessment rolls;

b.            District 16:  estimates of $20,000 for tile line access to main ditch and Wileman estimate of $8,800 to replace tile line to lateral ditch; current assessment only for $8100.  How to handle assessment.  Any permits needed?

c.             Discuss need to assess other districts for short fall on funds for engineering, legal, bidding, permits and construction;

d.            Revise green sheet so it is clearer as to where payments for assessments should be sent.  Add statement on receipt that no credit cards taken and another once posted by Dane County Treasurer?  Any other changes to the assessment form?

4.            Discussion on Dane County’s $12M dredging of streams program and how it will affect Drainage Districts.

5.            District 4:  status of vent pipe cap on Mueller Road?

6.            District 7: 

a.      Review maintenance to be performed on Tabachnick and Wangard properties to remove debris blocking flow of water in ditch;

b.      Status on replacement of a bridge on the Zeigler field road with a culvert replacement (approximately $15,000) – Hugh Anderson asked about the assessment for costs.

7.            Districts 8/9:

a.            Presentation by Dan Wierzba regarding permit application process and cost of project;

b.            Discussion on settlement proposal with Sun Prairie treatment plant;

c.             Status of allocation of costs, percentage or flat amount, for Sun Prairie use of District for treatment plant discharge;

d.            The length or terms of a contract with Sun Prairie as to District #9 and costs involved with #8;

e.             Discuss funds or cost of work and how to finance or break down the project based upon funds available.  How do we raise the needed funds?  Assessments or chance for Bank loan?

f.              Further discussion on priority of clean out work to be done, associated costs, how to pay for work to be done and bidding issues;

g.            Discuss culvert on Kelly property and need to replace or set lower;

h.            Status of emergency removal of trees and clearing of ditch blockage in Creek Haven subdivision;

i.              Board to inspect installed drain tiles connecting to main ditch;

j.              Discussion on assessment petition from Paul Stang (PIN: 0811-314-8001-5) on whether parcel is in district;

k.            Discuss Kirk Tucker (058/0811-322-9600-8)  concerns with assessment;

l.              Discuss request from Charles Bollig to have his property (058/0811-292-9270-0) and two neighboring parcels removed from district.

8.            District 10:  Darrick Hoesly assessed for parcel #040/0508-363-8920-0 which doesn’t appear to be in district. 

9.            District 16: 

a.            Need to bid out work to be done on tile lines to main ditch and lateral ditch;

b.            Jyri Santapakka’s (0512-302-9500-7) desire to create wildlife habitat on property.  Need contract with US Fish & Wildlife and DNR permit before removal of assessment;

c.             Status of tile line across Stan Wileman lands;

d.            Status of plugged tile line across Anderson lands to lateral A.

10.        District 22:  5008 Linde Lane – property owner assessed, but 8 unit owners not assessed.  Should they be?

11.        District No. 28:  Status of board investigation of problems on Oak Park Road and west of Oak Park Road?

12.        Public input

13.        Tentative Date for next meeting

14.        Adjourn


Scott Ringelstetter, Chair

Leonard Massie, Secretary

Paul Maly, Board Member