Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Town Board
7 pm
654 County Road N Scheduled


Dunkirk Town Board Meeting

Monday, August 20, 2018

7:00 p.m.


1.  Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.


2.   Approval of Agenda.


3.  Approval of minutes:  Regular Meeting minutes of August 6, 2018.


4.  Report on bills to be paid and amount to be drawn from the treasury.


5.  Public Comment.


6.  Clerk's Report.


7.  Road Crew Report.


8.  Constable's Report. 


9.  Plan Commission Report.


10.  Purchase of Development Rights Committee Report.


11.  History Commission Report.


12.  Complaints.


13. Unfinished Business: 


            a.  Discussion and necessary action on Town logo.


            b.  Discussion and necessary action on working with the Dane County Sheriff to provide additional patrol in the Town.


            c.  Discussion and necessary action on new road equipment storage building.   


14. New Business:


            a.  Linda Altenberg, Dane County Petition No. 11341, rezoning 3.25 acres at 647 Taylor Lane from A-1EX to RH-1 to separate existing residence from farmland.


            b.  Discussion and necessary action on City of Stoughton Fire 10 year plan.


            c.  Review of 2018 year to date expenses.


            d.  Discussion and necessary action on The Rural Preservation Program Committee's recommendation of an advisory non-binding referendum on rural preservation to be held on October 23rd2018, to separate the referendum from the fiscal and electoral issues, with a recommended fiscal mill rate not to exceed one dollar.  If successful move to forward for approval during a special town meeting on November 1st to be included in the final budget proposal for approval on November 19th.


            e.  Discussion and necessary action on RHD Properties, LLC annexation.



15.  Future Agenda Items.     


16.   Adjournment.


Dated and Posted August 16, 2018.