Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Dane County Drainage Board Meeting
6:30 PM
Bristol Town Hall Scheduled
DANE COUNTY DRAINAGE BOARD MEETING NOTICE FOR DISTRICTS 4 & 16 The Dane County Drainage District Board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss items listed below. Date: July 18, 2019 Time: District 16: 6:30 p.m. District 4: 7:30 p.m. Location: Bristol Town Hall, 7747 County Road N, Sun Prairie, WI You have the right to inspect project documents related to any agenda item before the public hearing. The project documents are available upon request. If you have any questions prior to the meeting please contact one of the following board members: Scott Ringelstetter at (608) 347-4159 or, Paul Maly at (608) 695- 1623 or, or Leonard Massie at (608) 512-7372 or OR Attorney John C. Mitby at 608-575-4077 or All objections to the jurisdiction of the Drainage Board or to content, sufficiency or legality of issues must be submitted in writing to the Drainage Board prior to the hearing; such objections shall be set forth clearly and in detail. AGENDA 1. Call to order. 2. District 16: Emergency clean out work/allocation of costs Replacement of district tile lateral (Lateral A-4 across the Anderson Lands) Review contract to do the clean out work and appropriate approval of contract Need for assessments, if any Approval of assessment 3. District 4: Discuss Resource Engineering Associates Drainage Report dated May 2019 Discuss possible clean out work 4. Public input 5. Adjourn. DANE COUNTY DRAINAGE BOARD Scott Ringelstetter, Chair Leonard Massie, Secretary Paul Maly, Board Member