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Planning Commission Minutes


December 09, 2020

Dunkirk Town Hall, 654 County Highway N


Kent Falligant called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.


Members present:   Kent Falligant, Brad Werginz, Sheldon Schieldt, Brett Olson and Bill Delehanty.  

Others present:    Norm Monson, Scott Schield, Corine Schield, and Jodie McLellan.  


Chairman Falligant announced that due to the recent loss of his son, he preferred another Plan Commission member to chair this meeting. Brad Werginz agreed to chair this meeting.


Approval of Minutes from September 11, 2019 Plan Commission Meeting:

Werginz called for approval of the October 14, 2020 Minutes. Falligant motioned for approval and Delehanty seconded. Motion passed 5-0.


Old / Unfinished Business  



New Business:

1.  Scott and Corine Schieldt, southwest of 1728 Hammond Road, Stoughton, WI, Dane County Petition No. 2020-11636, rezoning 16.4 acres from FP-35 to RR-16 to create one residential lot.


A brief review was discussed of items which were brought up during the October 14th Pre-Application Conference, which Mr. Schieldt was to address with follow-up documentation.

Falligant brought up the driveway requirements as written in the adopted Town of Dunkirk Comprehensive Plan regarding access lanes and driveways in excess of 150 feet. Mr. Schieldt stated he designated the driveway along the fence line, and was considerate of not taking away productive farmland. The map and scale indicates a driveway of at least 600 feet according to Falligant, which Schieldt agreed. When questioned by Falligant on how to minimize or reduce about 3 acres of farmland being taken for a driveway, Schieldt said that if the house were located further North and closer to the road, it would still consume about the same farmland acreage.

Noticed was that L3 on the survey map is at an angle, and not at 90⁰, which differs from other maps / drawings.

Additional discussions of compliance with the Comprehensive Plan included:

§ Rural Character of the house and the driveway

§ Fire and emergency vehicle accessibility vs. the construction and long-term viability of the driveway

§ Town of Dunkirk road crew personnel would decide and implement exact location of driveway entrance with Hammond Road, as well as a culvert placement and any other requirements.


Mr. Schieldt has noted that this land to be rezoned and his adjacent farmland is in a US Government CREP program, which he is required to maintain to their conservation requirements.


Olson had questioned if the Town (Dunkirk) can require driveway specifications and to be constructed accordingly before this property is sold. Others stated that they have not heard of this, and it is not likely enforceable by the Town.


Jodie McLellan prefers that the home should be located further South and closer to the railroad tracks, or not built in the area at all. She also expressed, interest in purchasing this property from Schieldt.


Falligant cited the need for Dunkirk to have verifiable documentation showing a septic system would not work if placed any closer to Hammond Road than the location shown on the Plot Plan. Falligant advised for Schieldt to contact his Certified Soil Testing Company (Jeffrey L Hammes) to provide additional documentation.


Plan Commission members requested that Schieldt provide a much more accurate description on the CSM of the home location, and that it should be as far North as possible within the 206 foot wide planned area for the home site.


Werginz recommended that the CSM be redrawn, which would allow the driveway to be built on a more solid foundation, and also spare many mature trees along the fence line from being cut down. An additional benefit of this redraw would allow the driveway to not pass over the septic pipe between the home and the septic system. However, it is noted that such a redraw would expand the total lot by ½ acre from 16.7 to 17.2 acres. 

§ This will require a modified CSM by Schieldt 

§ A close proximity of the home is to be marked on this modified CSM

§ The septic drain field will remain in the relative same location per Plot Plan as provided

§ Reference points of the modified CSM are to include and coincide with Plot Plan


Werginz suggested that a maximum driveway length be written, which would further designate the home location be within reason of the modified CSM.

A further discussion involved the Dane County lot setback requirements for this RR-16 rezoning request. There were no concerns of this petition meeting setback requirements, other than potential adjacent agricultural chemical applications.


Olson moved to table this petition #2020-11636 to the January 2021 meeting. Falligant seconded. Motion passed 5-0.


2.  Any pre-application conferences.



January 2021 Plan Commission Meeting:

Falligant noted that the January 2021 meeting will have the annual Land Use Plan agenda at 6:30 pm on January 13th. Delehanty stated that there is no expected requests or changes from the Purchase of Development Rights program.  No other members brought up potential requests. The Plan Commission will then hold the traditional meeting at 7:00pm.

Other Issues:

  1. Sheldon Schieldt mentioned that the Town of Albion has a handout with a checklist of items and pricing for town residents wishing to do rezoning requests, and would like Dunkirk to have the same. Falligant recalled that former Plan Commissioner Jim Olson had a document like this for Dunkirk. Falligant and Olson will search for a copy of this. 
  2. Kent Falligant had spoken prior to tonight’s meeting with Town Chair Norm Monson regarding the recent loss of his son Tanner, and a desire to been more involved with his grandson. Falligant stated that after January, he will no longer be chairman of the Dunkirk Planning Commission.  Falligant stated he is willing to be part-time or remain on with a limited role only. He is inquiring for others to replace him as chairman. Brett Olson mentioned that Mark Asleson may be of interest.


Werginz stated the next meeting is January 13 at 6:30pm for the Annual Land Use Plan and at 7:00pm for the Plan Commission Meeting. 


Sheldon Schieldt moved to adjourn the meeting. Falligant seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.  The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


Minutes submitted by:

Bill Delehanty 


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