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Dane County, Wisconsin

Town Board Meeting Minutes



June 7, 2021

7:00 PM

Dunkirk Town Hall

654 County Highway N


Chairman Monsen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Also present were Supervisor Ted Olson, Supervisor Daniel Jenks, Treasurer Bonnie Smithback, Constable Greg Holte and Clerk Melanie Huchthausen.  See attached sign-in sheet for others present. 


1.      Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Veteran Jack Lyon. 


2.      Approval of Agenda.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0. 


3.  Minutes: Chairman Monsen asked if everyone read the minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 17, 2021.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  Motion carried­ 3-0.  


4.  Report on Bills:  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to accept and approve the bills payable in the amount $38,878.84. Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.    Motion carried 3-0.


5.  Public Comment:   (1)    Mayor Swadley from the City of Stoughton was in attendance to give the Township the opportunity to discuss a number of issues.  At a recent Rutland meeting, there was a request for the City and its departments to provide information for all the Townships of items of interest.  Chairman Monsen stated the Town is interested for more information.  Mayor Swadley advised he is working with his departments to prepare presentations to provide to the surrounding Townships.  (2) Town resident Marvin Hodge was in attendance to discuss the City of Stoughton’s plans to remove the Stoughton dam.  A copy of his presentation is attached as part of these minutes.  He is requesting the City of Stoughton involve the four stakeholders he has identified.  Mayor Swadley invited Mr. Hodge to come to City Hall to discuss the project and his concerns.  A resident questioned whether Dane County Supervisor Kate McGinnity had done follow up work regarding Dane County’s participation in the dredging.  Supervisor Jenks advised he will follow up with Supervisor McGinnity.  Mr. Hodge questioned the lease agreement between the Dunkirk Dam Lake District and the lease holder.  Supervisor Jenks spoke with Attorney Behling who indicated she will review it on behalf of the Township but that DDLD will need to have it reviewed by their own attorney.  (3) Brett Levicky from EDP Renewables North America introduced himself as working for a solar energy company looking at a potential project in the Town, which borders Rock and Dane County.  They have met with the Planning and Zoning Departments from both Counties.  No formal project is being announced at this time.  They are a resource as we proceed with a potential solar energy ordinance. 


6.  Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Smithback gave the treasurer's report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.    Motion carried 3-0.     


7.  Clerk's Report:   Clerk Huchthausen gave the Clerk’s report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the Clerk’s Report.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  Motion carried 3-0.        


8.  Road Crew:       (1) Road repairs are being done on Hammond and Brickson Roads this week.  They are grinding and rolling with the Town of Dunn.  Pavement should be applied late next week.  (2) Parks and ditches have been mowed.   


9.  Constable Report:  (1) Holte received a call from a resident on Highway N regarding Jerry Duerst purchasing a parcel between his residence and hers.  She was concerned about lot lines and was referred to a land surveyor.  (2) He spoke with our Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy.  There is a new community Deputy assigned to our Township and they will be coming to an upcoming meeting. 


10. Rural Preservation Commission Report.  The Commission met last month.  They will have their second meeting tomorrow night.


11.  Complaints:    None.









12.  Unfinished Business: 


a.    Discussion and necessary action on identified names offered by

the Stoughton Area Senior Center as outreach to those in need in Dunkirk.  Murl Mackinnon from the Stoughton Area Senior Center was in attendance to discuss the noticed matter.  He has identified residents for the Town and provided to Jeanne Schwass-Long.  He has 50 additional names and will be providing those to her.   


b.     Discussion and necessary action on rural broadband work in the

County.  James Danky has been appointed to the County rural broadband committee.  No report given. 


c.     Discussion and necessary action on meeting with City of

Stoughton representatives regarding Dunkirk Dam Emergency Plan.  The Town Board met with Stoughton Fire Chief Joshua Ripp, a representative from Stoughton Utilities and a representative from the Dunkirk Dam Lake District.  All of the parties reviewed the Emergency Plan and provided updates. 


d.    Discussion and necessary action on river access and working with

Dane County Parks.  Just south of the dam there is a parcel that the family is interested in selling it to be a park and river access.  The Township is working with the County and Dunkirk Dam Lake District.   


12.    New Business:


a.    Discussion and necessary action on solar farm ordinance.  Based

on the recommendation of Dane County Towns, the Town is reviewing a draft ordinance regarding a solar energy system license ordinance. 


b.   Discussion and necessary action on summer newsletter.  One

resident recommended the Town prepare a newsletter and place it on the website.  Another resident is concerned about the elderly residents who do not have access to the internet or aren’t savvy enough to access it that way.  Mr. Mackinnon stated there are many elderly residents who would not see it if it was only electronic.  There were zero complaints about the lack of a mid-year newsletter last year.  No newsletter will be done mid-year in 2021. 









13.   Future Agenda Items.   Burning ban due to drought conditions. 


14.  Adjournment:   No further business, Supervisor Olson stated a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0.  


Submitted 06/21/2021

Melanie Huchthausen, Clerk



List of attendees

Copy of Bills

Copy of agenda for June 7, 2021 meeting

Copy of Treasurer’s Report

Copy of Clerk’s Report

Copy of Marvin Hodge’s Presentation