Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

 Town of Dunkirk

Dane County, Wisconsin

Town Board Meeting Minutes


March 21, 2022

6:30 PM

Dunkirk Town Hall

654 County Highway N


Chairman Monsen called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Also present were Supervisor Ted Olson, Supervisor Daniel Jenks, Constable Greg Holte, Treasurer Bonnie Smithback, Public Works Foreman John Bothum, and Clerk Melanie Huchthausen.  See attached sign-in sheet for others present. 


1.      Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Constable. 


2.      Approval of Agenda.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0. 


3.  Minutes: Chairman Monsen asked if everyone read the minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of March 7, 2022.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  Motion carried­ 3-0.    


4.  Report on Bills:  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to accept and approve the bills payable in the amount $23,889.87, noting that one bill is a down payment of a new audio/visual system. Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.    Motion carried 3-0.


5.  Public Comment:           


6.  Clerk's Report:   Clerk Huchthausen gave the Clerk’s report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the Clerk’s Report.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0.            


7.  Road Crew:  (1) The Road Crew worked eight days with five to seven road crew (Towns of Rutland, Dunn and Oregon volunteered.  Town of Christiana also called to help but it was not needed.  The Town of Pleasant Springs assisted the City of Stoughton) members hauling brush from the storm damage on March 5, 2022.  They have been patching roads and trimming trees.    Leslie Road remains closed to local traffic and will be reopened when the weight limits are pulled off the roads.  Emergency Management will be meeting with the City and the Town on Wednesday to discuss next steps.  (2) Mr. and Mrs. Dowling were in attendance regarding the Bouzek property’s culvert being plugged again.  Constable Holte has spoken with the residents to ask they keep the culvert open.  He viewed the culvert and does not believe significant flooding will occur.  Board members have looked at the culvert and the debris inside is still frozen.  The Clerk has previously asked the Dowlings to advise the Town of the problem in early fall, so preventative measures can be taken before the spring thaw.  Bothum recommended the culvert be jetted out at the expense of the resident.  A call was made to Badger Drain to determine what steps could be taken.  Badger Drain can jet the culvert on March 22, 2022, for a minimum charge of $150 and no more than $300.  The Clerk provided the Board and Mr. and Mrs. Dowling meeting minutes from 2014 and 2018 regarding previous complaints.  Also provided was a letter from the Dowlings dated August 18, 2014.  A copy of the minutes and letter are attached.  After the last snowfall, the road in front of the Dowlings’ home broke up.  Bothum advised he will dig it up and patch in front of their property.  (3) Bothum questioned maintaining the brush site agreement with the City and having residents’ permits being paid by all residents of the Town.  The matter will be placed on the next agenda.          


8.  Constable Report:  None.


9.  Plan Commission Report:  None. 


10.  Rural Preservation Commission Report.  The Commission members are working to obtain assessments on the three parcels recommended to the Town Board.  They are now meeting monthly.  The Joyce Brehm property has been approved by Groundswell and the Commission will be meeting with her on April 6th.  The Long and Meany properties will be discussed at Groundswell’s April meeting.  Groundswell is working on sample easements for the Brehm property and for farmland.  They are analyzing their process to determine streamlining and improving. 


11.  Complaints:      (1)  


12.  Unfinished Business: 


a.     Discussion and necessary action on amending the Town’s Land

Use Plan.   Attorney Mark Hazelbaker provided his thoughts on language regarding splits.  The Board and Plan Commission will be reviewing the email from Hazelbaker to determine if that language will be part the Land Use Plan amendment.  Chairman Monsen will contact Attorney Mary Behling to determine if she will assist in this matter. 




b.     Discussion and necessary action on updating the Town’s

Employee Handbook.  The Board will be meeting at 4:00 p.m. on March 22nd to continue working on the handbook. 


13.    New Business:


a.    Brian Spanos of Lakestone Properties will be in attendance to

discuss rezone options on McComb Road.  Brian and Brett of Lakestone Properties were in attendance to provide background information.  Lakestone Properties is located in McFarland.  They have done storage unit projects in McFarland, Pleasant Springs, and City of Stoughton.  All of their sites remain locally owned and operated.  They would like to rezone approximately nine acres on McComb Road.  A small portion of the property is already zoned commercial and the larger parcel is zoned residential.  They would keep 100’ of wooded area in front of the storage units.  The units would be approximately a football field away from other residents.  However, they would keep vegetation line for a buffer for those residents.   Chairman Monsen questioned how many units Lakestone plans to place in that location.  Brian indicated they would like 300-400 with some being temperature controlled.  The current home would be demolished.  The Town Board and Plan Commission will perform a joint site visit on March 30, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. 


14.  Future agenda items.   


15.  Adjournment:   No further business, Supervisor Olson stated a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0.  


Submitted 04/04/2022

Melanie Huchthausen, Clerk



List of attendees

Copy of Bills

Copy of agenda for March 21, 2022 meeting

Copy of Clerk’s Report

Copy of Treasurer’s Report

Minutes and letter regarding Dowling property.