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 Town of Dunkirk

Dane County, Wisconsin

Town Board Meeting Minutes


April 18, 2022

6:30 PM

Dunkirk Town Hall

654 County Highway N


Chairman Monsen called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Also present were Supervisor Ted Olson, Supervisor Daniel Jenks, Constable Greg Holte, Treasurer Bonnie Smithback, Public Works Foreman John Bothum, and Clerk Melanie Huchthausen.  See attached sign-in sheet for others present. 


1.      Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Veteran Jack Lyon. 


2.      Approval of Agenda.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0. 


3.  Minutes: Chairman Monsen asked if everyone read the minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of April 4, 2022.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  Motion carried­ 3-0.    


4.  Report on Bills:  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to accept and approve the bills payable in the amount $16,248.29.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.    Motion carried 3-0.


5.  Public Comment:  Jeanne Schwass-Long provided her Commission on Aging Report.  1) An Eagle Scout has completed a Kayak Entrance to the shoreline which was a tricky space to put a kayak into the Yahara River.  2)  Director Cindy will be on vacation from April 21-26th.  3)  Fund Raising:  The St Patrick's corned beef and cabbage meal brought in $2,500.00 profit.  Thanks Kim and your staff!   The last quarter for the "remodel of the Annex" is taking in donations.  4)The 50th Anniversary of the SASC was held Friday, April 8th from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  There were snacks, reminiscing, memorabilia, A 50 Year SASC Timeline and the floor plan for the Annex renovation.  Volunteer Appreciation week is April 17-23 with breakfast on 4/23/22.  5)  Hollee Camacho prepared the 2022 Annual Report for SASC.  She did an outstanding job as reviewed by her committee and Director McGlynn!



6.  Clerk's Report:   Clerk Huchthausen gave the Clerk’s report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the Clerk’s Report.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0.            


7.  Road Crew:  (1)  The Road Crew painted the second bay in the garage.  The borrowed a scissors lift from Hanerville Acres.  It is brighter and shelves were installed to get items off the floor.  (2) There is significant damage to Pleasant View.  Bothum requested the Board view that road at their convenience.   


8.  Constable Report:  (1) Holte was contacted by a resident on Oak Lawn regarding a controlled burn at his property.  The resident was advised there a DNR burn ban.  (2) A neighbor of Brett Lunde on Spring Road called to complain about junk accumulation and dumping of items on her property. 


9.  Plan Commission Report:  The Plan Commission discussed amendments to the Land Use Plan.  Refer to discussion at Unfinished Business (a).    


10.  Rural Preservation Commission Report.  The Commission members now meet monthly.  Two meetings with property owners are scheduled for next month. 


11.  Complaints:      (1)  


12.  Unfinished Business: 


a.     Discussion and necessary action on amending the Town’s Land

Use Plan.   The Plan Commission met last week to make recommendations to the Town Bard for amending the Land Use Plan.  The next step is to create a resolution to be passed by the Plan Commission at their next meeting.  After that the Town Board would finalize an Ordinance Amendment. The Amendment would require a 30 day public hearing notice prior to the amendment Board meeting.  Plan Commission Chairman Bill Delahanty providing a comprehensive summary of their work to date and proposed Amendment of the Comprehensive Plan presented by Attorney Mark Hazelbaker.  Discussion was had between the Town Board and Plan Commission members Bill Delehanty and Brett Olson.  The Board will review the summary provided by Bill Delehanty.  No action taken. 


b.     Discussion and necessary action on updating the Town’s

Employee Handbook.  The Board is waiting for the Handbook to be finalized and returned for their approval.  No action taken. 





c.    Discussion and necessary action on Wisconsin Disaster Fund

paperwork related to the March 5, 2022 tornado and wind storm.  The Clerk had a meeting with multiple agencies, including Dane County Emergency Management and a representative from the Wisconsin Disaster Fund regarding their online reporting system on April 14, 2022.  The Clerk did all the necessary preparation work to be able to access the Wisconsin Emergency Management Public Assistance Grant Management System online.  The meeting was to walk through how to navigate the grant system.  Submission of the Wisconsin Disaster Fund online grant must be submitted by May 5, 2022.   


d.    Discussion and necessary action on Brush Site Agreement with

the City of Stoughton.  No agreement has been received.


13.    New Business:


a.    Discussion and necessary action on awarding 2022 Road Bids.

No action taken.  The Board has a special meeting scheduled for April 19, 2022, at 5:30 p.m.


b.    Discussion and necessary action on ARPA funding.  The Board will

schedule a working meeting to budget the ARPA funding. 


c.    Discussion and necessary action on County’s request to rename

streets in the City of Stoughton and the Towns of Dunkirk and Rutland.  The Clerk met with Rodney Scheel, Michael Stacey and a representative from the County on April 8, 2022.  There are a number of properties in the City of Stoughton and the Towns of Dunkirk and Rutland that have the same postal addresses as residences in the Town of Dunn on Highway 51.  This presents a problem for emergency services responding to calls.  The County would like the City to rename US Highway 51 in the City to rectify this problem.  The Clerk requested the City be aware of the timing of this change, so that it does not negatively affect deadlines for voters or those administering voting.  Representatives from the City agreed that they would work to approve the renaming of the streets until after the November 8, 2022 election. 


d.    Discussion and necessary action on County’s repairs to Highway

N in 2022.  The County has scheduled a public hearing at the Town Hall on April 19, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. 


14.  Future agenda items.   




15.  Adjournment:   No further business, Supervisor Olson stated a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0.  


Submitted 05/2/2022

Melanie Huchthausen, Clerk



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Copy of Bills

Copy of agenda for April 18, 2022 meeting

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