Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


 Town of Dunkirk

Dane County, Wisconsin

Town Board Meeting Minutes


June 5, 2023

6:30 PM

Dunkirk Town Hall

654 County Highway N


Chairman Monsen called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Also present were Supervisor Ted Olson, Supervisor Jenks, Constable Holte, Clerk Kathy Olson, and Treasurer Smithback.  See attached sign-in sheet for others present. 


1.      Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Constable Holte. 


2.      Approval of Agenda.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0. 


3.  Minutes: Chairman Monsen asked if everyone read the minutes of the regular meeting of May 15, 2023.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Supervisor Olson seconded.   Motion carried 3-0



4.  Report on Bills:  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to accept and approve the bills payable in the amount $141,676.61.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.    Motion carried 3-0.


5. Treasurer Report – Bonnie gave report, will be attached to these minutes.  Treasurer indicated the loan application needs to be completed and submitted soon. Supervisor Jenks made motion to approve treasurer report, motion seconded by Supervisor Olson. Motion carried 3-0


6.  Public Comment:  1. asked if there was a Dane Co. noise ordinance because business next door has been excessively using a power washer. Since it is zoned commercial how can you curb, suggested waiting 2 weeks and report on noise level at the June 19th meeting.

2. Was asked if a white line could be painted at stop signs to help remind drivers to stop, John will look into getting a professional to paint lines.



7.  Clerk's Report:   Clerk Olson gave her Clerk’s report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve report, motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson. Motion carried 3-0



8.  Road Crew:   Currently busy mowing ditches and will start on shoulder work soon.  This will take 3 to 4 days to complete and will be borrowing machinery to complete.  Was asked how many inches of overlay is now on Hogie & Tayor? Hogie is approximately 5.5 inches and Taylor is at 3.5 inches.  Skid loader that was ordered keeps being put on back order, would like to purchase from Ritches it will cost a bit more but can get by Tuesday (6/6/23). Motion to approve purchase was stated by Supervisor Olson, seconded by supervisor Jenks, motion approved 3-0. Note: this cost will be split with the Town of Rutland


9.  Constable Report:  Received a call from a city of Stoughton resident regarding a barking dog. Went to residence they actual have several dogs, owner said they will try to get them under control and curb barking.

Drove past residence on County A, yard getting out of control again hoped to talk to homeowner but not home. Will try to talk to her again otherwise start sending out citation, know she was contacted before, pull letter.

Still having issues with resident on Oaklawn not keeping animals behind fence, thinking it may be time to report to Dane County and state they are not fit to keep animals.


10.  Plan Commission Report:   No report



11.  Parks Committee: Result of working meeting which was held before at 6:00PM – 7 residents expressed interest in serving on the parks committee, only one was in attendance to the working meeting, all were chosen.  This will be made official after the adoption of updating the ordinance to allow for 8 members to be on the committee.  Per board committee will be responsible for keeping track of any donations that come in to upgrade equipment as Eric Moe has indicated wanting to purchase an infant swing.


12.  Complaints:  

          a. Attorney response on resident concerns over sex-offender living in vicinity.  According to the dialog Supervisor Olson had with attorney Wilson, there is nothing that the town can do to prevent the occupant from returning to home.


13.  Unfinished Business: 

      a. Consider portion of Hanerville Road right-of-way width for adjacent Parcel #: 026/0511-352-8010-4, Chris Luzzio 249 Hanerville Road. 


      b. Speed limits –  Discussion on changing speed limit on Racetrack down to 25 miles per hour. Check to see if this needs to be noticed 30 days in advanced


      c. ATV –  Constable Holte indicated that the Game Warden had asked if Dunkirk was going to have ATV routes posted, indicated that Dane Co. will soon be opening. It was discussed that we wait to see if this happens may cut down on signage cost. Question was asked to inquire other towns on what traffic is like.  Supervisor Olson will ask Towns and Supervisor Jenks will discuss with Mike Engelberger.


     d. Cell tower discussion – No report


     e. Discussion & necessary action on 2 town driveways – Attorney’s advisement is that roads can be returned to owner as long as only one residence is on that drive.  Letter needs to be written to homeowners, Supervisor Olson will have attorney write letter. Was wondering if all roads should be given back to homeowners, John indicated we have 22 drives in the Township, all are in good condition.  John will look to see how much funding we are receiving to maintain those roads.


      f. Weight & speed limit on Hogie & Racetrack Road –. Will put up a camera to capture violators, also will ask to have a speed board put up on Taylor Lane.


      g. Review town hall fees & usage policy – Was discussed on raising fee from $20.00 to $50.00 for residents, increase is due to rising cost of utilities and up keep.  Also discussed if hall should be rented for commercial use meaning a resident could rent hall to sell items out of.  Motion to raise fee to $50.00 and only allow town hall to be rent for non-commercial use was made by Supervisor Olson, seconded by Supervisor Jenks, motion carried 3-0.  Clerk will update website and rental forms, Supervisor Jenks will post on Facebook.



14.    New Business:



      a. Broadband – Resident volunteer – No responses to date, this is posted on both website & Facebook


       b. Burning ban – Chairman Monsen suggested that the town post a burn ban on 6/12/23 if we do not have any rain by then. Motion to post burn ban was made by Supervisor Olson, seconded by Supervisor Jenks, motion carried 3-0.  Clerk will post on website and Supervisor Jenks will post on Facebook if ban is needed.


       c. Ordinance for residents with cement driveways – They should start 5’ back from the roadway.  Road crew had to tear out 2 driveways due to being too close to the road.  Indicated that new driveways need to be approved by John. Was suggested that fee for this should be 25.00, this will be put on the next meeting agenda


15.  Future agenda items.

          a. Change speed limit on Hogie Road to 45 mile per hour.

          b. Fee for Road Crew to look at new driveways.


16.  Adjournment:   No further business, Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:43 p.m.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  Motion carried 3-0.  


Future meetings:



Submitted 6/7/23

Kathy Olson, Clerk



List of attendees

Copy of Bills paid ledger

Copy of Agenda for June 5, 2023 meeting

Copy of Clerk’s Report

Copy of May 15, 2023 meeting minutes

Copy of Treasurer report