Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


 Town of Dunkirk

Dane County, Wisconsin

Town Board Meeting Minutes


August 7, 2023

6:30 PM

Dunkirk Town Hall

654 County Highway N


Chairman Monsen called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Also present were Supervisor Olson, Supervisor Jenks, Constable Holte, Treasurer Bonnie Smithback and Clerk Kathy Olson.  See attached sign-in sheet for others present. 


1.      Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Constable Holte. 


2.      Approval of Agenda.  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks.  Motion carried 3-0. 


3.  Minutes: Chairman Monsen asked if everyone read the minutes of the regular meeting of July 17, 2023.  Supervisor Jenks stated a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Supervisor Olson seconded.   Motion carried 3-0



4.  Report on Bills:  Supervisor Olson stated a motion to accept and approve the bills, approved payable amount is $75,177.46.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Jenks,    Motion carried 3-0.


5. Treasurer Report – Copy of treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes. Supervisor Jenks made a motion to approve report, Supervisor Olson seconded, motion carried 3-0


6.  Public Comment:  Jean from Senior Center gave report from July & Aug meetings. The annex building is completed and they have named two rooms Cooper & Johnson.  An open house is scheduled for 8/16, plus other fund raisers are in the works to help fund parking for the Annex.  Still struggling with trying to get enough case work hours to help, current wait time is between 2 to 3 weeks.

Two County board members are in attendance for this meeting, Mike Engelberger who reported briefly on land & water issues and Kate McGinnity who made the Broadband presentation.

There was a question regarding the construction trucks going on Aaker Road, the company had to put up a bond to use road.  To date we have collected $1,000.00 from them to do road repair work on Aaker.


7.  Clerk's Report:   Clerk Olson gave her Clerk’s report, a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes. 



8.  Road Crew:  Rented stump grinder will share cost with Rutland, and new tractor arrived.  Asked if trees should be planted in the parks this fall. Chairman Monsen will have Parks Committee make determination on need.  Chairman Monsen asked if stop sign line at Hwy 138 & Hogie could be up farther, John will look at.


9.  Constable Report:  Received report that Oaklawn animals were out again, homeowner was out of town but would get someone to round them up.  Gave warnings to residents that are not cutting lawns.  Asked if Chairman Monsen could write letter to resident that has multiple vehicles parked in vacant lot.


10.  Plan Commission Report:   Asked if resolution at Hoel ave. could be removed, this is later in agenda. Planning Commission approved Brian & Julie Olson CUP 3-0


11.  Parks Committee: Meeting on 8/3, discussed how to make a plan on changing Parks. Talked to Soccer club about setting boundaries between park area and resident area.  Asked them to send out a communication like the one done for spring, outlining their plan for the season.  Next meeting will be 9/7 where they plan on touring various parks starting with Ash Lane.  John mentioned that soccer nets must be moved every season, Renee indicated the soccer club intended to do so.


12.  Complaints:  None



13.  Unfinished Business: 

      a. Consider portion of Hanerville Road right-of-way width for adjacent Parcel #: 026/0511-352-8010-4, Chris Luzzio 249 Hanerville Road. 


      b. ATV – No survey from DCT, County did implement an ordinance that you need to get a permit, up to township if allowable.  After an ordinance is passed, organizations can go to County and get a permit.  The organizations would pay for signage on routes designated for ATV. Currently this is for county road ATV usage only, when we acquire an attorney will discuss further.


      c. Cell tower discussion – Kate McGinnity will find out if board needs to take action on the new proposal for lowering the height of tower.


      d. Discussion & necessary action on 2 town driveways – Need to go thru e-mail from attorney regarding procedures & recommendations.  Ted will find out if the three driveways we receive no funding on can be given back to homeowners.


      e. Weight & speed limit on Hogie & Racetrack Road –.Cameras will be put up this week on Taylor & Hogie


      f. Broadband – Presentation was given by Kate Mcginnity – presentation hand out will be attached to meeting minutes. Board asked if the new broadband coordinator could come to our next meeting on 8/21.  Was noted that maybe we should form a grant writing committee and find residents to help.


      g. Newsletter – Do in fall



14.    New Business:



a.    Consider Dane County C.U.P. #DCPCUP-2023-02601, for caretakers’ residence and limited outdoor storage by Brian & Julie Olson, 2091 Leslie Rd. – Was approved by Planning Commission 3-0, Supervisor Olson made motion to approve, Supervisor Jenks seconded, motion carried 3-0 to allow building of residence & limited outdoor storage.


b.     Consider removal of Town of Dunkirk Resolution 2022-06-01 adopting and recommending the comprehensive plan. – Per Bill this has been kept on Planning Commission agenda to keep Stoughton in check.  Planning commission approved 3-0 to remove the resolution. Board decided to take off agenda until further notice and take no action at this time.



c.     Loan Application approval - Supervisor Jenks read the preamble of the loan application. Supervisor Olson made a motion to adopt resolution no. 08-23-01 to approve & authorize application for a 400,000.00 loan, Supervisor Jenks seconded motion, motioned carried 3-0

Attached to these minutes is a copy of resolution # 08-23-01 and completed loan application.


d.     Update handbook approval – motion to adopt revised handbook was motioned by Supervisor Jenks, seconded by Supervisor Olson, motion carries 3-0



e.     Charter permit Supervisor Jenks motioned to accept, Supervisor Olson seconded, motion carried 3-0


f.      Town attorney update – Go with recommendation by Wilson, invite to interview.  Norm will reach out to past attorney to see if she would be interested.



15.  Future agenda items. – Items to put on next agenda are:

          Move September meeting to Tuesday, Bonnie will give financial report on the second meeting in September.



16.  Adjournment:   No further business, Supervisor Olson stated a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 p.m. Supervisor Jenks seconded.  Motion carried 3-0.  



Submitted 8/8/23

Kathy Olson, Clerk



List of attendees

Copy of Bills paid ledger

Copy of Agenda for August 7, 2023 meeting

Copy of Clerk’s Report

Copy of Treasurer Report

Copy of July 17, 2023 meeting minutes

Copy of Broadband handout

Copy of Resolution #08-23-01

Copy of Loan application